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We are food lovers, cooks and industry lifers .  It's our goal to source and provide the highest quality and well cared for protein a Chef, Butcher or Retailer can find.  Our food system is changing quickly and we are determined not to change with it.  The Preservation Meat Collective will be partnering with heritage, heirloom and sustainable growers.  Aligned with these goals, we'll only offer products if we've visited the producer and it's operation.  You put your trust in us.  We'll put our trust in them and together we'll offer the best product in the Northwest 


Offering the best products is great but without the service to match.  We have nothing.  The company may as well be selling timeshares in Hawaii.  Being in the industry for numerous years and building some amazing relationships. Our number one goal is to have partners and treat everyone like family.  You never mess with family and we are going take that very serious.  This philosophy will be transferred to everyone you encounter on our team and we'll make sure that we live and breath by our words .  


We are honored to be one of your partners,


Sean and Travis

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